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I help new and experienced businesses and entrepreneurs automate their business and increase sales whilst doing less work.
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Real CLIENT results
A starter campaign from a student of mine using $0 ad spend to bring in thousands of leads!
We aim for perfect results. Where else can you see open rates as beautiful as this?
(Ignore the 0% - that was an internal test)
One of my students was struggling to get real results until he followed my step-by-step training
Up to 100% open rates
We all know it's getting harder and harder to have emails opened, let alone read, even by those that want to read them.

Messenger Bots boost open rates up to 100%
Sound too good to be true? We can show you how to truly change the way you market your business and automate engagement.
build a community
One of the most important, and overlooked strategies for building trust and delivering value is building a real, interactive community around your brand or business.

If you're anything like me then you're already getting bored of the same old marketing tactics, the same old spammy sales emails, the same old Facebook ads.

How about this? Try engaging on a human level, take a step back and connect with your audience in a community of like-minded individuals that want to hear what you have to say.

I'll show you how I've been using bots to quickly and easily grow a community for various brands.
Increase sales
Once you have the trust of your community they will follow you to the ends of the earth! ...maybe.

Or if not, you're still a lot better off than where you were before.
If you have a real product, a real service, a real personality, then people will listen.

One of the best things that we can do to generate trust is giving potential customers VALUE. Give them something that they can use straight away to solve a problem or a pain.

Give, give, give...ask, give.
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JJ Blackwell Messenger Bots
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Hey! I'm Joe,
I'm a business development professional and consultant with a penchant for digital marketing for growth.
I consult on automation, group growth and bots as well as digital marketing for training.
I'm here to help you to keep your online business up-to-date with technology and the latest digital marketing tools and techniques.
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